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Location of the North Killingholme Project

The C.GEN project site is close to the River Humber and approximately 5km north west of Immingham Docks and 10km south of Hull.

The existing Uniper ‘Killingholme B’ Power Station, which has been in operation since 1993, is situated south east of the C.GEN site. Killingholme 'A', located on adjacent land to the east of the C.GEN site, ceased operations in 2014 and is now owned by C.GEN.

The National Grid Killingholme Substation and the natural gas high pressure network are located at less than 1km from the C.GEN project site.

With an area of approximately 27ha, the C.GEN project site is located on land entirely owned by C.GEN (except for two small areas of land owned by National Grid) and adjacent to the C.RO Ports Killingholme (CPK) terminal, owned by the same shareholders.

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